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“We are a company of businesspeople, graphic artists, website designers, video producers and former professional soccer players. We come from many different industries, but we have one thing in common: soccer.  

Between us, we've seen hundreds of soccer videos, looking for a video that will teach players soccer skills, tactics, and techniques in a way that makes them hungry to learn more, a video that entertains and gives players the power to choose what they want to learn, when they want to learn it, on demand.

We couldn't find those videos, so we decided to make them.”

-Derek Lawther, Co-founder, Teach Yourself Soccer Inc.

Teach Yourself Soccer is an organization that is dedicated to providing the soccer community with infotainment videos on the web & on DVDs to educate and entertain players, coaches, and enthusiasts from a coach’s perspective, a coach with forty years of experience in the professional, collegiate, and amateur leagues.

We want to enlighten, excite, and educate the soccer community.

We are committed to supporting teams, leagues, and organizations with their financial needs.

What you find on this website is the beginning of a movement. We are building an online community by and for soccer players and coaches.

Check our website periodically.
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