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How do I become a TYS Fundraiser?
Take these simple steps to start:
Step One Step Two Step Three
Register with Teach Yourself Soccer Click here! After successfully registering, go to the My Account page. Select the “I want to be a Fundraiser” option. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted shortly by phone. Get ready. Become familiar with the website. When you are accepted as a TYS Fundraiser, you will have access to the Fundraiser tools to run a successful fundraiser.

The TYS Fundraising Program is Here !
Now you can raise all the money your team, organization or league needs for uniforms, equipment, player subsidies and more. Teach Yourself Soccer’s unique fundraising program promotes physical fitness and provides training in basic skills to your future players. Our program is easy to use, provides unparalleled profit margins, and promotes soccer and physical fitness in your community

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Benefits when you start a TYS fundraiser!

40% Profit Logo

  • No minimum orders
  • Large profit margins of 40%
  • Free Delivery
  • No charge for our easy-to-use sales tools and literature
  • We pay your applicable sales tax
  • Quality DVDs from Teach Yourself Soccer
  • Experienced account executives to help you
  • Year-round fundraising; pick the time that works best for your team
  • Our DVDs promote an active, athletic lifestyle through soccer
  • By training local athletes to master the ball today, you sow the seeds for a better soccer program in the years to come

Money Logo

From individual teams to sports leagues, no group is too big or too small to earn maximum profits. Our program is simple and easy and we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your fundraising goals

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Year-round fundraising !

Your organization can fundraise anytime -- during, pre-, and post-season. Keep your players busy in the off-season. Once your season ends, put your players to work immediately.

Do you host any tournaments? Does your organization operate any summer camps? These are ideal situations for your team to fundraise.

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Free sales tools !
Our FREE sales tools include:
  • Eye-catching tracking poster to help motivate your team and promote your fundraiser. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Use your tracking poster to measure your weekly results to motivate your players.
  • Free collection envelopes and order forms for each participant, making it easy to collect your proceeds and prepare a list for delivery.
  • Downloadable sales tools.
  • Instructional DVD video gets sales started.
  • Easy to use 8 ½” x11” full color flyer with product description and order form.

DVDs Available in Two Languages:

Derek Lawther’s 20 Moves to Successful Soccer available in English or Spanish.

All discs include BOTH languages; just order the case with the language you prefer.

Derek Lawther’s 20 Moves to Successful Soccer includes:

  • 20 fake and feint moves.
  • A separate practice video for each move.
  • Nine Plyometric exercises for building leg strength.
  • Four advanced techniques, including Juggling, The Rainbow and Bend it Like a Pro.
  • Innovative menus for fast access and easy navigation.
  • One vs. one demonstrations to learn how to execute the moves on the field.
  • Two music videos to encourage your player to get out and practice.
  • Moves and techniques for players of all ages – from under age 6 to under age 19.

Become a Fundraiser Now!. Click here to become a Fundraiser

El Toro High School Boy's Soccer

“ Our budget is in the mid thirty thousand dollar range and Teach Yourself Soccer was an integral part of our fundraising this past season. Without TYS, we would not have met our goal”

- Diane Sixsmith, President of El Toro High School Boys Soccer Boosters 2007-2008 season.

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Timing is everything

The average TYS fundraiser takes approximately eight weeks from start to finish:

  • Allow 2 weeks for delivery of FREE pre-sale flyers and materials.
  • 3 weeks of selling (advanced order taking).
  • 1 week for you to tally the order.
  • Allow 2 weeks from receipt of payment for TYS to process and deliver your order.
  • 1-2 days to sort and distribute your order and enjoy your profits!

Start your planning now! Don’t forget to consider school vacations and holiday timing for distribution of DVDs.

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TYS Fundraiser Program Tutorials

Teach Yourself Soccer makes it even easier for you to reach your fundraising goals. Just watch the four part Fundraising Program video series to learn how to run a successful fundraiser.

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Fundraiser Tutorial - Part 1
 watch video  

This video shows you the easy-to-use sales tools that gives your players a guide to identifying customers. The Sales Identification Worksheet shows players how to find the leads that can have them exceed sales goals. You receive the sheets to monitor the team's progress and encourage success.

Use our DVD to learn to become one of the best players on your team while learning at your own pace.
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Fundraiser Tutorial - Part 2
 watch video  

The Selling the Product video guides the players on presenting themselves and the tools to use with a potential buyer.

Use our DVD to learn to become one of the best players on your team while learning at your own pace.
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Fundraiser Tutorial - Part 3
 watch video  

This DVD demonstrates to young players how to talk to their friends and neighbors. In addition to contacting friends and relatives, they can go to neighbors and make the sale to support the team. Seeing the demonstration, like learning soccer, takes the anxiety out of a new experience and leads to a successful player and team.

Use our DVD to learn to become one of the best players on your team while learning at your own pace.
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Fundraiser Tutorial - Part 4
 watch video  

Handling the Order completes the fundraising process. Players see how to fill out the order form for the customer, ask for an additional sale, get the check, turn in their sales.....and....delivering the DVDs to promote future sales.

Use our DVD to learn to become one of the best players on your team while learning at your own pace.
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